Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"It's Always Fun When Grandma Comes, Hurray!"

Grandma camp was in July this year. The theme was "Oh What Do You Do in the Summer Time." We made lighthouse night lights, read stories, had a lemonade and cupcake sale, did crafts and had a picnic by the temple. I am so grateful Reese and Charlotte live so close.
On one night we opened the french doors to the backyard and let in the night air. We turned off the lights lit candles and told stories. My girls remember doing this at Grandma and Grandpa Mac's house in the summertime. It was a fun few days.
Speaking of Grandma and Grandpa Mac, I sure miss them. I am amazed that I think of them every day. They were wonderful parents and I learned so much from them. There are many days I wish I could talk to them and I know one day in the far off future, because I intend to live to 100 and still be riding my bike then too. (another blog, I love my bike) But it is because of
here that we will be together again. I love to see the temple.
The best part of this night was that the girls thought they were putting the flame out by waving their hands gently over the candle. Little did they know that Tess was blowing out the candle. Their eyes would get so big when it went out. So funny


Brooke W said...

I am SOOOOO grateful that we live close to you! I can not imagine doing anything else! :) Thanks for Grandma camp, it was awesome, as usual! :)

Janaka said...

Amy I love your blog and your wonderful family. You are making awesome memories and your sweet family is so lucky to have such an amazing mom and grandma. I'm excited to join you as a grandma in the next week or 2. So glad we've been friends for many years.