Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alohaing It With Friends

We spent a wonderful 5 days in Kauai with some great friends: Brent and Jana, Ann and Paul, Katie and Mark. We had so much fun together, snorkeling, hiking, whale watching, kayaking, talking, cooking and eating.

Our dirty feet after the 4 mile hike on the Napali Coast.

Before we boarded the airplane we ate at Humara Saimin, a noodle house. The whole atmosphere was an experience. We hovered over the counters waiting for people to finish eating and then ordered noodles with spam and other yummy stuff. There was 1 woman cooking and 2 others running around waiting serving and running the cash register. It was yummy but maybe not the best thing to eat before sitting on the plane for 5 hours. The salt in the food made my ankles look like cankles.

Glen and the boys on our last day looking for the turtles at Hideaway Beach. Don't they look hot!
Well us wives think so.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


A few pictures from the month of December. I wasn't very good at taking them this Christmas.

Faye at her Christmas program at Carden.

The gingerbread castle at the Rizt and a few pictures in front of the tree.

Brooke and Bret after we saw Brooke sing in the OCMCO concert. She was beautiful singing up there.

Faye and Brianna at the ward party with their headbands on that Sister Jones made for them.

Ward party with Santa.

Cute boys

Chelsea brought home her boyfriend for a few days. Dane was a very nice young man. We like him. They had a lot of fun together.

Christmas morning is always wonderful and magical.

Faye has her presents neatly stacked and wisked them up to her room. Now if I can only get everyone else to do the same.