Friday, December 31, 2010

Mud Bowl

Tess' high school soccer team had a game during a down pour this past week.
It turned into a mud bowl. Tess said she was exfoliating. It didn't matter that they lost, because they had a great time in the mud.

Carden Activities

Carden does a fun country fair every year. Faye had a fun time and is learning to come out of her shyness. It is great to see.

Faye and Ms. Winker

At Carden they give awards out every month for a certain value.
Faye received the award for December. The value for December was
generosity. She is very giving to the other students in her class.

Homecoming 2010

The kids love being in the Dana Hills Homecoming Festivities.
This year Tess had a great time!

A Couple More Birthdays

We had 3 more birthdays in the fall.
Chelsea was 22 on December 1st. This photo has nothing to do with her birthday, but I knew Glen would be pleased to see this picture again.

Noah turned 14 in October. He received a RC car thta he had been wishing for. We teased him with the small package that sent him on a hunt for his real gift.

My mom turned 80 and we traveled to San Jose to celebrate with her.
She is a wonderful lady and taught me so much while I was growing up.
I am grateful for those things.

Brooke is 25!

When it comes time for Chelsea and Dane to go after the birthday celebration weekend,
Brooke won't let Chelsea go.
There are scientific findings that the brain is not fully developed until a person is 25. We have said this to Brooke for many years especially after she would do or say something that was a little immature. Are these episodes in the past time? Time will only tell.
We threw Brooke a surprise party and she was truly surprised. It was a fun night with all her friends and their spouses. To top it all off Chelsea and Dane came down too.

Finally Relief

Finally after 8 months of pain, Tess had her foot operated on.
She had hurt the back of her ankle back in January.
We thought it was an achilles injury, but it just didn't get better. Xrays and MRI's didn't show anything either. Then the Doctor suggested it might be a fracture in her Talus bone.
She went in for surgery and sure enough there was a fracture in this tiny little bone on the inside of her ankle area. What a Relief! she was walking on it in about 3 weeks and running
after 5 weeks. She was a new person.

Her lovely scar.