Thursday, September 4, 2008


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Faye's First Day of School

Faye did it.  She is in Kindergarten all day!.  She was a little scared this morning when she woke up, but things got better from there.   Yahoo, what am I going to do with myself?  

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cougar Pride

Glen and I were able to stop in Utah to see Chelsea and watch BYU play in their opening tournament.  We are so proud of Chelsea.  She is awesome.  

First Day Of School

Tess and Noah's first day of school. Tess is in 8th grade and Noah 6th. Wow, I know we all have heard it before, but it is true. Time Flies. Love these two so much. They bring me much joy.

Labor Day Scones

Every Labor Day for the past few years we go down to Doheny for scones and last day of summer fun.  Lots of families, lots of scones and lots of fun.

Summer Fun

Just recording some summer fun.  We went to Doheny with the Smith Kid's, rented bikes and had fun in the water.  Love those Smith Kid's.  They are great friends to my kids.  

Couldn't Have Done It With Out Them

A big Thank You to Brooke and Bret and Reese.  Glen and I wouldn't of had such a great time if it weren't for them.  We knew all would be well at home and everyone would be loved and safe.

Grandpa Mac

On August 16 we celebrated my Dad's 80th birthday. It was a big event. There were 70 people there. Family and friends. Noah and Brooke sang beautifully for Grandpa. But the highlight of the night was Grandpa singing to Grandma, "If I Had My Way." There wasn't a dry eye there. It was wonderful.

I'd like to make your golden dreams come true, dear,

If I only had my way.

A paradise this world would seem to you, dear,

If only I had my way.

If I had my way, dear, forever there'd be

A garden of roses for you and for me,

A thousand and one things, dear, I would do,

Just for you, just for you, just for you.

If I had my way, we would never grow old,

And sunshine I'd bring every day,

You would reign all alone, like a queen on a throne,

If I had my way.