Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where have all the flowers gone?

I came out of the house last Saturday to find all my flowers gone. Not a single rose petal or geranium left in the front yard.
I asked, "Faye, What did you do?"
Faye replied, "I made a flower path just for you Mom, you're not mad at me are you?"
I paused then said, "Of course not"
How could I be, she made it just for me!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Weekend Celebrating the Girls.

We had a weekend celebrating the older girls in the family. First Glen and I flew to Utah to watch Chelsea play volleyball against the Utes. Wow, what a game, lost in 5, but it was a heart stopper. So fun to see her play.
Next we flew home on Saturday morning just in time to catch Tess play soccer. She had been sick with a fever the day before, but really wanted to play. She played keeper great and then score a goal in the second half. It was fun to watch her.
Third, it was Brooke's birthday on Sunday. We had Thai Dara, which I ordered on Saturday. And we got her an electronic piano for her home. She is awesome, "I have never wondered about you."
Love all my girls, it is wonderful to watch them grow into outstanding women.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

You are no longer a woman, you're a Mom!

Yes, it's the mom jeans of the 80's. Found these great Gitano Jeans at DI in Draper for Julie Vance's 40th birthday. And the blouse and bow were definitely my style. I don't know how we wore those pants or why. And Glen actually proposed and married me in the 80's. He must have been attracted to more than just my fashion sense.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Glen and I spent the morning yesterday with Diane and Curtis Reese relaxing on the beach. It was a beautiful day.

The Hurley pro surfing contest was taking place at lowers and we trecked on down took a sit and watched for about
2 1/2 hours. Talk about a relaxing time, with great friends. I had a house hold of things to do, but sometimes you just need to go anyway.

By the way Kelly Slater was awesome, he did a great 360.

I wish I could go watch again today, but the things of life are getting in the way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Noah got a haircut.

For the past 20 months, Noah has been growing his hair out in dreads. He and Glen drive to LA every 6 weeks and get his hair twisted.
Probably everyday someone commented to Noah about his cool hair. But sometimes, cool isn't where it's at. On the day of the last scheduled trip to LA, Noah didn't want to go. Seems it hurts a whole lot to get each piece twisted, it was comfort Noah wanted, and so he got it.
His comment when it was all gone, "
"My head feels so light" I think he looks super handsome.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of School

Is is too cliche' to say, Time Flies? But it does, it truly does.

Tess is in 9th grade, high school at Dana Hills, she seems fine about it, but I have had a really hard time. She will be fine I know, she is a great girl.

Noah is in 7th grade, and everything is pretty much always fantastic to him. Don't know is there is a better boy than him.

Faye would have rather stayed in kindergarten forever, but alas she is a 1st grader. Change is hard for her, but she has a wonderful teacher and will be fine. It seems just like yesterday I got the phone call of her arrival.

Life brings changes and like Faye I have to deal, it's just hard when it's your little ones growing up and having to face the world. I am thankful for prayer.:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...and so the sun sets on our San O summer nights

Summer Monday nights at San Onofre are wonderful. I think if you ask my kids what their favorite tradition is it would be San O.
Our last night was fun, lots of friends and everyone had a great time being together. I think it being the last one made everyone stay just linger a little bit longer and have just a little bit more fun together.
Family, friends and the beauty of the earth.
What more can one ask for?