Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School

Back to school is always such a bitter sweet moment for me. I love the extra time I have to myself but I really miss the kids and like keeping them with me in our little nest away from the harms of the world. I am so grateful for the gospel in our lives and the direction it gives the the children. Everyday they have to hold on tight to the iron rod. Tess is as beautiful as ever. I am grateful for her character and values.

Noah is all smiles pretty much no matter what he is doing. He has such a great positive attitude.

Back to school is a little harder on Faye than it is on me. But after the first few minutes in the morning she is ready to go. She has to come up with a quality every morning and she is usually very thoughtful. The first day she was going to be helpful, just incase someone was scared and needed some help.

The carpool moms are great (caught you Michelle). I couldn't do as much as I do with out the help of friends.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer 2010 recap

Seems like you can't have summer without watermelon.

We visited the Orange County Fair.

At the Fair we ate deep fried Klondike Bar and Snickers bar.
Below Tess is eating a foot long corndog.

Faye and I enjoying a yummy cinnamon roll.

We had a great time when Chelsea and Dane came for a week and stayed 10 days instead.
We hit the beach a couple of times and one day we rented a paddle board and took it out in the harbor. It was alot of fun. It is something I would like to do again.

Dane and Chelsea tandem

Brooke and Bret kinda tandem

Faye looks like a natural here with Glen.

The Word of Wisdom says to eat meat sparingly. Does every 2 years count for sparingly?
Bret told Glen of a great place for pastrami sandwiches and Glen and I went there for a date. Glen has a weakness for a good pastrami sandwich.
In a couple of years, maybe we will go back.

The onion rings weren't bad either.

Of course, you can't have summer without Monday nights at San O.
We have a fantastic time there with friends and family. I think if you asked the kids they would say this is there favorite tradition. It is just so relaxing and so fun to be with everyone.

Tess and McKay enjoying the bonfire.

The sun setting on our summer.
The waves were really good this night.
This might have been the night that there was a great white shark sighting.

Come Labor Day it is time for our annual scone breakfast.
This year we had everyone over to our house in the front yard instead of Doheny.
It made things a little easier for Glen.

After the scone fry, Glen had a fish fry.

It was a great summer, I love having the kids home from school and being relaxed and having fun together. Only 9 months to go til next summer. I am already looking forward to it.