Thursday, March 24, 2011

Faye's Baptism

Faye's baptism was a wonderful experience. Faye was adorable and so thoughtful afterward. She wrote in her journal how she felt the water was warm and she felt the spirit.
She was adorable, I on the other hand am not happy with my look, a little pudgy.

It was fun to have everyone here for the occasion.

It's Great to Be 8

Faye turned 8 on March 4th. We had a family party. I made red velvet cake, Faye's favorite.
We also played pin the number on Thomas, Noah and Charlee's favorite.
As Faye is blowing out the candles she is holding her hair back. She will probably remember to do this for the rest of her birthday's because a few years ago her hair caught on fire when she blew out the candles on my cake. Thank goodness Glen is the man of steel because he clapped it out with his bare hands.

Trekking into March

The first weekend in March was a little madness according to Tess.
It was trek and the youth in our stake went and pushed handcarts to get the pioneer experience.
Tess and Noah learned a lot but probably won't admit that until years from now.
They look so authentic and cute too.

February Frolics

The month of February brought tons of fun activities.
We started with Valentine's Day and for Family Home Evening we tried to see who could make the tallest tower out of conversation hearts. I think that I won, but others were certainly more creative than I was.

Presidents Day came next and again it was Family Home Evening
We spent the evening making log cabins. I thought the turned out pretty cute.

The men have a very simple abode.

It's rainy season, and there's nothing like reading in front of the fire. So cozy.