Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Carolina on My Mind

We are always so grateful when our North Carolina vacation comes around every two years. We do everything possible to have all the kids with us. It really is a dream. We all arrive at the beach house on Saturday and immediately get in the relaxation mode by hopping on a bike or catching a trolley to the beach. The water is warm and the waves are fun. One of the best things about the beach is the pool, after getting all sandy we jump in the pool to continue cooling off and to clean up. This year we enjoyed ordering fries everyday at poolside. I think fries are less fattening this way.
We had fun in the evenings on the dock catching crabs, Dane and Bret seemed to especially get a kick out of it as they worked along side the younger ones. Off the dock we had the wave runners, I was a little nervous as Tess drove off with Charlee, but Tess loves that little one so much she would never let anything happen to her.
The nights are particularly fun, as we play the same games every year and Glen and his dad add to the hilarity of them, they just don't get the point of the game sometimes. It happens every time, but if they ever really cooperated it just wouldn't be the same. We have insides jokes of meds, the internet and so much more.
We vow every time we go that we need to stay longer, maybe next time.
Grandma and Grandpa make it all happen.
Charlee before waverunner ride.
Faye was very adventurous and rode with Glen.

Dane's first time, I think he is hooked like the rest of us.
Yeah, we look good.

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Brooke W said...

ugh I maybe cried a little bit reading this. I cannot believe that we have to wait another two years! UGH! Man I love North Carolina! :)