Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grandma Camp

We had Gigi Fairy Camp for the past 2 days. Reese came over on Thursday after lunch and we played. Faye, of course, got to play too. Everything was fairies with a little swimming pool and beach mixed in. It was so fun to be with the girls and just do girly things. They love girly things. We tried to include Noah and made him a big, bad troll, but he wanted nothing to do with it.
First a few pictures of fairies running through the trees.

Faye and Reese are becoming really good friends, even though there are times Faye will ask to be called "Aunt Faye".

Fairies can be a little camera shy.

But not all fairies, some take after their mommies.

Fairies like to flutter and run.

We made fairy star cookies and left them at friends and neighbors.

Karch, Kendall and Sandon caught the fairies outside their door.

The fairies I made and they played with for hours.
Fairy houses to put in their backyards.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What did Ida-ho?

We spent a wonderful few days in Swan Valley Idaho with the Olsen's. They had a beautiful place on the Snake River and the Tetons were just a little over an hour away. It was very fun to get away and explore a new place. The Olsen's, of course, were great hosts and we enjoyed spending time with them.

Noah, Faye and Todd enjoying square ice cream.

Glen and I at Jenny Lake. I would love to hike around the lake some day.

A moose!

Chelsea, Noah and Faye with the Tetons in the background.

Noah was complaining about all our stops and taking pictures, so we snapped one of him coming out of the bathroom.
All of us with the Tetons in the background. It was great to have Chelsea and Dane with us.

Chelsea with her fish.

Faye learning to fly fish from her daddy.

Noah, Dane and Chelsea went on a horseback riding adventure. They said it was very pretty and I am sure it was, but horses and I don't mix. I think they are beautiful to look at, but I am really afraid of them

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

On our visit to see my mom I spent many hours holding her hand. Whoever is near she asks you to sit by her and just hold her hand. When I had to leave to go to the store, she called Noah to come and sit and she even watched cartoon network with him so she could just hold his hand. It is very hard for her to communicate any words or feelings to us, but you know she is there when you hold her hand. She still has a very strong grip and doesn't want to let go. It is a special time.
It is difficult to see the ones you love grow old, but there are lessons and love here that I have learned and hope to never forget.
My mom is very patient and doesn't complain and is never mean to anyone,
I don't know if at this time I would be so good. I have much growing to do.

San Jose

We had a great trip to San Jose. Probably one of our better ones lately. We did alot of things in the area and also had plenty of time with my mom.
We rode the train in Felton thru the Redwoods. Noah, even though he is getting older, loves trains so he thought it was pretty great to ride on a steam engine train. The Redwoods were beautiful and everyone had a good time, even Brady, though you would never tell from his expression in the picture.
Also while in San Jose, we went swimming, to a drive-in movie, the Japanese Friendship Gardens and Tess, Noah and Brady went to Raging Waters. It was a great time together.

Riding the train thru the Redwoods

Glen and Noah standing in front of the mighty Redwoods.

Faye at the Japanese Friendship Gardens.